Christmas Bests

Here’s a list of the Best Things at Christmas Time… 1. Best Christmas hymn–“Oh Come, Oh Come, Emmanuel” 2. Best Christmas song, non-hymn–“Peace” by Russ Taff on “Another Sentimental Christmas” 3. Best Christmas album–tie  “A Christmas Song” by Russ Taff and “Christmas” by Francesca Battiselli 4. Best Christmas movie–“Die Hard” (Kidding! I have no idea.) […]

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Peace on Earth?

What kind of world are we living in? In the category of healthy self-esteem we have a guy running for President who has allegedly compared himself to Winston Churchill, Margaret Thatcher, and Ronald Reagan. These three ran their countries and won wars ( the Second World, the Falklands, and the Cold one, respectively). The man

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Happy Holiday? Seriously?

It seems that increasingly people are not saying “Merry Christmas” anymore.  In the business world and entertainment industry, people are throwing out a lot more “Happy Holidays” than they used to.  Christians are getting upset.  Secularists are getting mad at the Christians for being so sensitive.  I think some people on both sides need to

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