How to Avoid Looking Mean–Christmas Edition

So I thought about just saying “Happy Holiday” on the 4th Thursday in November because I didn’t want to offend people who might not be thankful for anything.

Just kidding! Please read on for a different approach.

It’s almost Christmas time, which means it is almost time for some people to go to extremes to not say “Christmas.” Brace yourself for talk of “the Holiday,” and “Holiday gifts,” and of course the “Holiday Tree,” which is impossible to name because people buy lighted trees for so many holidays at this time of year. (I promise my tone is about to change.)

Brace yourself also for well-meaning people who want to show their “Joy to the World” by threatening boycotts against stores staffed by poor employees who’ve been ordered to quench their Yuletide spirit with the threat of being fired. Merry Unemployment?

I understand the philosophy behind the boycott against secularist stores–Christians want to fight for the culture and for Christian values. This is noble, or at least it can be if the participants in the movement conduct themselves nobly.

But there is a more important quest. I mean, think about it, did anyone come to Jesus in response to a really effective boycott?

Maybe instead of focusing primarily on a culture war (particularly one that the Church does not seem to be winning), we should instead focus on loving people and sharing some really Good News with them.

Which do you think people would benefit more from hearing?

Option A: “It’s called “Christmas,’ you pagan Nimrod!”

Option B: “There was a guy who was around a long time ago, who could do anything. Instead of pursuing power, wealth, or women, he spent his whole life, and eventually gave his life, to help those who needed him. He gave the greatest gift in history, and he can help you, too.”

Now, Option B isn’t the whole story, but it might lead to something a lot nicer that Option A does.

I’m also open to an Option C, if you’ve got one. So, what do YOU think, dear reader?


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  1. You could combine Options A & B. Option A is the bad news. Option B then follows with the good news. Just a thought so that we could both get our point across AND witness.

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