Peace on Earth?

What kind of world are we living in?

In the category of healthy self-esteem we have a guy running for President who has allegedly compared himself to Winston Churchill, Margaret Thatcher, and Ronald Reagan. These three ran their countries and won wars ( the Second World, the Falklands, and the Cold one, respectively). The man in the running has never led a country, much less won a war. Perhaps he could have done both of these things, if hubris, adultery, and ethics concerns hadn’t driven him out of politics (temporarily). This man wants to replace a President who said, upon winning his party’s nomination in 2008, that if people would work with him they could tell future generations that this was when “our planet began to heal.”

In other news: The United States military has pulled out of Iraq, and as I type this, I’ve just read that at least 63 are dead and 185 injured in Baghdad after a series of bombings. Why? I suppose several good theories and explanations will be out there. The bottom line is there are people who want what they don’t have, and they are willing to kill others (either their enemies or bystanders) to get it.

Meanwhile, relations are tense between the United States and Pakistan. Pakistanis are getting killed in America’s war against terrorists/insurgents/Islamic extremists. Sometimes military strikes have gotten sloppy (as war always does–it is not a precision sport), and this has resulted in Pakistani deaths. But there is another issue at work here, too. Do the United States and Pakistan have precisely the same agenda in Afghanistan and beyond?

Most importantly, this is the time of year when many celebrate the birth of a Baby who came to Earth to save us from this world of sorrows. I have a tremendous amount of respect for the military. I appreciate the sacrifice of the men and women who give up comfort and safety, so that the rest of us might keep those things. I’m proud that my Dad spent 20 years in the Navy. I respect the office of the presidency and admire the achievement of any American who has the wherewithal to rise through the ranks and become President.

But when it is all said and done, I’m putting my hope in the Baby.

And, dear reader, I pray that you will do the same.