Christmas Bests

Here’s a list of the Best Things at Christmas Time…

1. Best Christmas hymn–“Oh Come, Oh Come, Emmanuel”

2. Best Christmas song, non-hymn–“Peace” by Russ Taff on “Another Sentimental Christmas”

3. Best Christmas album–tie  “A Christmas Song” by Russ Taff and “Christmas” by Francesca Battiselli

4. Best Christmas movie–“Die Hard” (Kidding! I have no idea.)

5. Best Christmas episodes in a TV series–“JAG” always had good ones.

6. Best Christmas gift from God–Easy! The Babe in the manger

7. Best Christmas gift from the government–Easy! Making Christmas a federal holiday.

8. Best Christmas novel–Maybe Skipping Christmas by John Grisham

9. Best Christmas food–Turkey legs, but then there really isn’t a wrong time of year for those.

10. Best Christmas phrase–Whoever came up with “Wise Men Still Seek Him” is a genius. I love that.

* My Christmas wish to you: Pop into a church and see what all the fuss is about during this time of year.