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Career Change After 50

Changing careers after age 50 can be tricky. Here are some thoughts on my experience two months into such a change. Backstory For years, when people would ask me what I do, I would either tell them I was a history professor (because that was how I derived my primary income), or if I thought […]

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Devotions with Presidents

Devotions with Presidents contains 150 Scripture-based messages with stories and facts about presidents to illustrate each point. In an age before cars, how did Ulysses Grant get a ticket for speeding? Did Abraham Lincoln have daddy issues? What made William Howard Taft cry? Why were the French so mad at George Washington? The answers to

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Presidential Stories

Did you know George Washington was an excellent dancer? Did you ever hear the story about how Abraham Lincoln was almost engaged to the wrong woman? What made Theodore Roosevelt quit his government job during a time of war? Here is a more significant question: What does the Bible say about things like confrontations, big

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