Happy Holiday? Seriously?

It seems that increasingly people are not saying “Merry Christmas” anymore.  In the business world and entertainment industry, people are throwing out a lot more “Happy Holidays” than they used to.  Christians are getting upset.  Secularists are getting mad at the Christians for being so sensitive.  I think some people on both sides need to think this thing through.

If I’m in the checkout line at the retail store with $100 worth of gifty-type items and wrapping paper, go ahead and wish me a Merry Christmas–it’s a pretty safe bet that I wont be offended.

Be that as it may, if someone wishes me a happy season/holiday/whatever, and I get mad and angrily denounce them for trying to take the Christ out of Christmas, that’s not good either.  We Christians are supposed to be spreading “good news of great joy,” as the Bible says.  I can angrily browbeat cashiers all day long, but will that make any of them want to embrace the Cross?

I believe there really is a war between good and evil in this universe.  I believe that all Christians need to do their part in that war.   But how can I ask people to give up their ways and believe like I do unless I’m showing them something different in how I live my life?

It genuinely does bother me that there are those who would prefer to de-Christianize December 25th, but it makes me more sad than angry.