4 Resolutions

You want some resolutions? I’ve got some resolutions for you: 1. Don’t feel sorry for yourself. It’ll be tempting at some point in 2014 because, let’s be honest, stuff is going to happen to you next year that isn’t fair. Unfortunately, feeling sorry for yourself won’t make anything better. Instead of focusing on your feelings, […]

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The Good News and the Bad News

1. Do you, dear reader, remember a few weeks ago when I complained that there was a time and temperature sign near where I work that fell back early–a few days before Daylights Savings Time–and it is also always a few minutes off? Their clock was something like an hour and 2 minutes slow. Well,

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Peace on Earth?

What kind of world are we living in? In the category of healthy self-esteem we have a guy running for President who has allegedly compared himself to Winston Churchill, Margaret Thatcher, and Ronald Reagan. These three ran their countries and won wars ( the Second World, the Falklands, and the Cold one, respectively). The man

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