4 Resolutions

You want some resolutions? I’ve got some resolutions for you:

1. Don’t feel sorry for yourself.

It’ll be tempting at some point in 2014 because, let’s be honest, stuff is going to happen to you next year that isn’t fair. Unfortunately, feeling sorry for yourself won’t make anything better. Instead of focusing on your feelings, try to focus on your circumstances. What can you do to improve them? What can you do to insure that your current predicament won’t befall you again.

PS: I know that all of the above is easier to write than it is to live by.

2. Push a pile forward.

Have you ever watched a football game and seen a pile up around the ball carrier? You know how sometimes it looks like the play is over then the pile is pushed forward a few yards by one very determined player? Sometimes one person can make a difference in a group. Pick your spot this year and make a difference. Make something better than it otherwise would be without your intervention.

3. Read something inspiring about someone who does what you like to/have to do.

At worst, it will leave you inspired. At best, it might make you more successful as you learn from someone more accomplished than you are.

4. Investigate Jesus.

If you are already a believer then no justification is necessary. If you are not, shouldn’t you find out about what all the hype has been about for the last 2000 years?

Happy New Year, dear reader!