If I never met an Atheist…

If I never met an atheist in my whole life, would it be correct for me to assume that atheists are nothing more than a figment of one’s imagination?

What prompts the question is that a FB friend of mine, and someone who is a really nice guy, wrote on FB that he believed that God was nothing more than a figment of someone’s imagination. His sentiment got me to thinking…

One thing atheists say is that there is no proof of God. You can’t see Him or hear Him, so what is there to believe in? That sounds kind of logical, but then I think about all the cool things that have been invented in the last 100 years that earlier generations would have said were impossible. Earlier generations would have said that things like TVs, cell phones, computers, and space shuttles couldn’t exist in the real world. These people would base their assumptions on the fact that such things were not there for them to see, hear, and use. It would sound like a bunch of fairy tales to them.

Likewise, is it all possible that something or Someone might exist out there, Someone greater than you and I, that you just can’t fully comprehend (yet)? Is it really fair to say that if we can’t see Him today, there is no chance that He exists?

The atheist says, “You can’t prove to me that God exists.” Can the atheist prove He doesn’t?

Agnostics seem to be on safer ground. The agnostic says, “Aw, there might be some kind of Higher Power out there, but how can we know what such a Being is really like? Yahweh, Allah, God, or Buddha, who is to say which of those is the One (if any of them are)?

But here is a thought–if such a Being exists, if there is some kind of Creator out there who gives order and purpose to the world, and if He gave us puny humans brains that could conceive of Him, would He leave us in the dark? Why would He frustrate us like that?

There are those who say that all religions have a part of the truth, and they all lead to God. That would only make sense if they weren’t all so contradictory.  Buddhists say that the reward for the faithful is to achieve a state of nothingness; Islam teaches that the faithful are rewarded with an abundance of physical pleasures. In what kind of world could both be true?

So who’s got the truth?

What if Someone is looking for you even now. Are you looking back?

What do you think about all of this?

2 thoughts on “If I never met an Atheist…”

  1. I believe that the burden lies on the atheist to prove that God doesn’t exist. The proof that He does exist is in the creation that we exist in and the complexity of human life. I say to the atheist “here is my proof, the creation is my proof”. The atheist chooses to reject that proof, but that rejection is not proof that God doesn’t exist, it is just a denial that God created it. To the atheist, I have presented my proof (accept it or not), now show me yours!

  2. The new world would sound like fairy tales to the old world. The difference is though that computers,tv,s,cell phones etc.. have been invented and “seen” God has not as of yet. most religion is based on faith a hard concept for a pragmatic mind to handle.The fact that you are a christian and asking these questions is something I greatly respect but the answer to me is in your own words. So Who’s Got The Truth? as of yet I don’t know

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