Critiquing the Critics

The great thing about American presidential elections is that the American voters have the ultimate say on who the President will be. We are allowed to vote our convictions. Unfortunately, along the way we get a little nonsense mixed into the political discourse. Allow me to elaborate in (as always) an evenhanded fashion.

Exhibit A: Obama is an amateur. Former President Bill Clinton is alleged to have expressed these sentiments. Response? Almost everybody taking on the presidency for the first time is going to have some awkward missteps. How about when Clinton got his haircut on Air Force One as it was parked at Los AngelesĀ  International Airport? Air traffic was delayed for 90 minutes. Oops. Have you ever started a new job and felt a little overwhelmed? Imagine being hired as leader of the free world.

Exhibit B: Mitt Romney is insane. I’ve seen this one on Facebook. Response? Romney’s views make good sense to about half the country. Do you seriously think half the country is literally insane? If so, might I suggest that if you think everyone around you is crazy then the problem might not be with everyone around you. People have different world views. It might be a little arrogant to think that the only people who disagree with you must be mentally unbalanced.

Exhibit C: Obama makes mistakes because he is just not that smart. My response to this one starts the same way it did when such a charge was leveled at the last President. Barack Obama has an Ivy League education (just like W. did). Furthermore, Obama was a part-time college law professor. These are not the characteristics of a dumb person. It would be easier to make the opposite argument.

Exhibit D: Romney wouldn’t be a good President because he is so rich that he is out of touch with most Americans. Response? Somehow the republic has survived rich Presidents before. Both Roosevelts and John Kennedy were quite rich (one Republican and two Democrats), and they turned out to be very popular with Americans.

So vote your conscience, America. Praise your guy and point out the opposition’s flaws, but be fair, please.

Anybody else out there want to offer an evenhanded defense (or praise) of our candidates?