Wrapping it up in 2012

Okay, we’ve got the 2012 elections behind us, but what does it all mean?

Barack Obama can be proud that he got re-elected–not every President can claim that legacy. And Democrats also retained control of the Senate. Meanwhile, Republicans held onto the House of Representatives, and the GOP has more state governors than the Democrats.

We are still a land divided–Democrat voters are crying tears of joy, and Republican supporters are just crying.

I heard broadcaster suggest that President Obama needs to be willing to work with Republicans. This surprised me. I thought that since he won, they might feel pressure to reach out to him. But then I learned that unlike the last 2 incumbents to get re-elected, Clinton and W., President Obama got fewer popular and fewer Electoral votesĀ  the second time around. Maybe that’s why he humbly spoke of listening and learning instead of speaking in grand terms about triggering the healing of the Earth, like he talked about the last time around.

Regardless of how the President feels about his victory or the Republicans, Congress is split, so anything that gets done will have to be bipartisan. Purists on both sides don’t want this, but politics is about compromise.

May God bless America. Sometimes we get the President we need, sometimes we don’t. And we all won’t ever agree which guy is which.

And for better or worse, because we’re a democracy, we’ll always get the guy we deserve. (I mean, until we get a woman–then we’ll deserve her, too.)