The Fiscal Cliff and 5 Other Things

Here are some random thoughts for you:

1. People have been expressing some concern over the fiscal cliff. It’s a deadline for Congress and the President to agree on a budget or automatic tax hikes and spending cuts will kick in. Politicians and media figures have been crying about it, but I think it’s wonderful. Finally, our politicians have some accountability in their lives (other than the next election). They must act, or there will be consequences. Instead of ignoring problems, or putting important issues off, the politicians have to do something substantive. We all need accountability. Welcome to the real world.

2. I never get too attached to sports figures on my favorite teams because everybody is just passing through, but I might make an exception for Robert Griffin III. RG3 is the best rushing quarterback the Redskins have ever had and their most accurate passer since Sammy Baugh. Wow is he special. He’s like the Russ Taff of quarterbacks.

3. When I first started teaching history, I really liked teaching history. Over time, and especially since I’ve been at Walters State, I have found that I still really like teaching history, and I really like my students, too. I’ve never disliked my students, but I have grown to care about them more. And not in a creepy way.

4. So I took a masters-level class on world religions at Carson-Newman, and I discovered something interesting. Christianity is the only major religion that isn’t ultimately about trying to do good and desperately hoping that your good is good enough.  Hmm, a faith system where love is more important than rules–interesting.

5. I feel blessed to be around several people I really admire, but I find myself wondering if the 4 people I’m thinking about right now realize that I look up to them. Do you wonder who is looking up to you, dear reader?

6. If you like historical fiction, buy The Vienna Prelude by Bodie Thoene. It’s set right before the start of World War Two. I’ll let you guess which city around which it revolves.

See ya next week.

PS: Do you wonder which 4 people I was thinking about in that moment? Could it be you?