The Christmas War and a PS

I read an interesting article online from someone who was arguing in favor of the de-emphasizing of Christmas in exchange for more generic holiday themes.  The writer argued two things.  One, in our increasingly pluralistic culture, it is insensitive to talk about “Merry Christmases” and whatnot.  Two, the vocal efforts by a few Christians to boycott stores that simply wish people a “Happy Holiday” doesn’t seem very nice.

Interesting points.  However…

The writer wants to hold Christmas up to a standard that nobody is enforcing on the other holidays.  Have you ever heard someone say, “Don’t wish me a Happy St. Patrick’s Day because I’m not Irish”?  Is Labor Day somehow offensive to the unemployed?  If you wished me a happy Bastille Day, should I ask you to apologize because I am not French, or should I simply assume that you want me to–if nothing else–have a nice July 14th?

Also, I guess I understand that some overly paranoid store owner might want to avoid offending shoppers who might hate the word “Christmas” and don’t want warm sentiments regarding their experience on December 25.  But if I’m buying wrapping paper with Santas on it, and 150 cards featuring the Three Wise Men, go ahead and say “Merry Christmas;” it’ll be okay.

As to the other issue–I’m a little sympathetic to the article writer.  I’m uncomfortable with Christians who brag about telling off clerks who are following orders.  And boycotts of the “Happy Holiday” crowd?  I’m conflicted.  Is it a great victory for Christ if we use economic blackmail to force a “Merry Christmas” out of somebody?  On the other hand, I am also sympathetic to the argument of not wanting to support stores which are pawns in a movement by some to remove all references to Christianity from our culture.  Why not steer your dollars towards those who support and reflect your values?  I guess it comes down to the heart/motives of the individual.  Is your motive to force enemies to act like you or support allies who share your beliefs?

Why should anyone be offended by a celebration of a story about God loving us so much that He gave us the greatest gift in the world?

The End.  Except for…

PS: If the people who talk about the polar icecaps melting were completely honest, they would be out there at this time of year telling us that those same ice caps are currently re-freezing.