2010: The Year in Review

Presidential Politics:  It has been an up and down year for President Obama.  Here are a few snapshots–Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell was repealed, and major health care reform was created, both of which were pleasing to his liberal base.  On the other hand, in his words Democrats received a “shellacking” in the November Elections when Republicans won control of both Houses of Congress.  The detention center at Guantanamo is still open, but at least the media is no longer interested.

Influential Christians:  Rick Warren has not been in the national news as much this year (which is not necessarily any indication of the significance of what he has been doing). Radical by David Platt has captured the interest of Christians all over America with its exhortation to believers to live out their faith the way Jesus intended instead of falling for a nice, safe Americanized Christianity.  Sarah Palin must still be quite influential–the media just can’t stop talking about her.

History:  A long time ago, the Mayans predicted the world would end in December 2012.  Expect to see a blog from me in January 2013 addressing this topic.  I mean, maybe I’d have a little more respect for their predictions about the future if they had figured out how to avoid their own demise.

College Advice: My newest book, Ask the Professor: Advice for College Grads, will be coming soon.  It features a robust blend of humorous yet practical advice primarily from me, but I also interviewed several other people for it.

Sci Fi:  The TV show “Stargate: Universe” will not be renewed for a third season.  There are probably at least 25-30 people who are unhappy about that.

Happy New Year!  Make some resolutions.