Sarah Palin

2010: The Year in Review

Presidential Politics:  It has been an up and down year for President Obama.  Here are a few snapshots–Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell was repealed, and major health care reform was created, both of which were pleasing to his liberal base.  On the other hand, in his words Democrats received a “shellacking” in the November Elections when

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Limits on Liberalism? Maybe so.

It would have been understandable for conservatives to be depressed in November of 2008.  Democrats increased their control of the Senate and took over two important houses in Washington DC–the White one, and the one with the Representatives.  The Republican candidate for President, John McCain, had nice credentials, but some conservatives doubted his convictions.  Their

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Spinning Sarah Palin

            Media figures and politicians on both sides of the fence are working hard to spin the selection of Sarah Palin as Republican vice presidential candidate.  Some would have you believe that Palin is the second coming of, um, Eleanor Roosevelt (if Roosevelt had been a Republican, a governor, a Vice President, and a beauty

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