Richard Nixon

2 Mall Stories and a Gay Nixon?

So I was in the mall on the day after Christmas, and a couple of merchants wished me a “Happy New Year.” Both times I thought about saying, “That’s offensive: I don’t celebrate the new year. You should just say, “Happy Holiday.” Like I just said, I thought about saying that, and I wondered if

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Osama, Obama, and Bush

Osama (or suddenly for some reason “Usama” if you prefer) bin Laden was killed just a few days ago, and I was surprised and amused (at first) by the suggestion that George W. Bush actually deserves credit for this.  It was Bush’s plan to go after bin Laden, the argument goes, Obama was just the

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Obama vs. Nixon

In a speech on foreign policy recently, specifically the situations in Iraq and Afghanistan, President Barack Obama said that, really, our priority needs to be the American economy.  I was struck with how much the President’s priorities were just the opposite of Richard Nixon’s, which certainly doesn’t sound like a bad thing, but let me

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