2 Mall Stories and a Gay Nixon?

So I was in the mall on the day after Christmas, and a couple of merchants wished me a “Happy New Year.” Both times I thought about saying, “That’s offensive: I don’t celebrate the new year. You should just say, “Happy Holiday.” Like I just said, I thought about saying that, and I wondered if it would be funny.

I decided it wouldn’t.

Second story: I was walking through the mall, and I saw a man dressed normally except for his jacket, which was–I kid you not–a Confederate Army jacket. I thought about telling him the war was over, and his side lost. Again, though, I decided it wouldn’t be funny.

Lastly, I’ve read recently that there is book coming out that says Richard Nixon was gay. This was of particular interest to me since I’m not only a historian, but I’ve also written a book about the 37th President called Nixon and His Men.  I can see now where that might have a double meaning.

I’ll give you my take on Nixon then tell you what I think of this new theory. I think Nixon did some good stuff as President (opened relations with China, ended the draft, etc.), which most critics don’t acknowledge. I also believe he knew about the Watergate operation ahead of time, which most critics don’t accuse him of (they think his guilt comes from the cover up and other unrelated issues). I think it was appropriate that he was driven from office. I don’t think he was a homosexual. For all of the people who were investigating Nixon, and really didn’t like him, I can’t believe that they would have missed what would have been a huge scandal. The fact that the story only comes out 17 years after Nixon’s death is another eyebrow raiser.

I’m sure this book will sell a lot of copies, but I’m not buying it–not the book, and not the argument.