Barack Obama

Critiquing the Critics

The great thing about American presidential elections is that the American voters have the ultimate say on who the President will be. We are allowed to vote our convictions. Unfortunately, along the way we get a little nonsense mixed into the political discourse. Allow me to elaborate in (as always) an evenhanded fashion. Exhibit A: […]

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Gay Marriage and the Candidates

After years of saying that his thinking was still evolving on the subject of gay marriage, President Barack Obama says that he has made up his mind–he is okay with it. Years of tortured, tightrope walking on the issue has come to an end, and it changes…absolutely nothing…except for how a negative talking point on

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Romney’s VP and the Supreme Court

Mitt Romney has pretty much locked up the Republican nomination for presidential candidate, so a more interesting question now would be who is he going to pick as a running mate? Since Romney is seen by some Republicans as being too moderate, his vice presidential candidate will have to be someone who is unarguably conservative.  Also, because Romney is

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