College, Sci-Fi, and Presidential Trivia

Advice for students starting college in the fall? Don’t be afraid. Sure, there are plenty of stories of students who have crashed and burned, but that doesn’t have to be you. When you get there in the fall, the first week will seem overwhelming because you will go to all of your classes and hear about all the assignments you need to complete over the next four months. It’ll seem like a lot because, well, it is. But you have FOUR MONTHS to get it done. It will be okay.

Most of the stories I am familiar with regarding those who flunk out of college have certain recurring themes. Students don’t go to class, they neglect to do the assignments that are clearly spelled out in the syllabus, and/or they are more interested in indulging in alcohol, drugs, sex, or some combination thereof. Some students go to class regularly, but they are totally unfocused.

If you go to class, pay attention, and do your work, you have an excellent chance of being successful in college.

I’m currently watching Season Two of “Sanctuary” on DVD. ya know, it isn’t “Stargate” or “Firefly,” but Amanda Tapping’s show is getting pretty good. If those other shows get A’s (and they should) then Season Two of “Sanctuary” probably deserves a B+ (but only if you watch Season One first).

I saw a graphic in church this week that said that 34 of 44 Presidents have called for Days of Prayer in American history. Actually, the number is a little better than that. President Obama is #44, but only because Grover Cleveland is listed twice (22 and 24). So we’ve had 34 out of 43 advocates of prayer in the presidency.

Speaking of praying Presidents, George Washington always prayed standing up. I could give you a variety of explanations for that, but I will stick with the most simple one: He’s awesome.