2010 elections

Now Here’s a Biased Opinion

I’m interested in presidential politics, so I’ve ended up reading a lot of biased articles over the years, Left and Right.  Sometimes people on both sides make powerful arguments, sometimes writers are just fighting for their side with truth and logic becoming casualties in the process, and sometimes people are just delusional.  I read something

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Answers and Questions

The Elections of 2010 will tell us which party will control the Senate and the House of Representatives for the next two years, but other questions are going to remain. Will the lame duck Congress partner with President Obama and push through items while it can?  Some have suggested that radical changes might be coming if liberals

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Why are Democrats Quitting?

In the last few weeks several prominent Democratic politicians have announced that they will not be seeking re-election.  Senator Evan Bayh of Indiana, Representative Patrick Kennedy of Rhode Island, Senator Christopher Dodd of Connecticut, Senator Byron Dorgan of North Dakota, and several others have decided to pursue other options.  Why? The simple, though not entirely accurate,

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