Answers and Questions

The Elections of 2010 will tell us which party will control the Senate and the House of Representatives for the next two years, but other questions are going to remain.

Will the lame duck Congress partner with President Obama and push through items while it can?  Some have suggested that radical changes might be coming if liberals in Congress feel there is nothing left to lose.  On the other hand, the President has to govern for the next two years at least, and he is certainly still viable to run again in 2012, so I am skeptical about seeing a bunch of drastic actions.

What would a greater Republican force in Congress actually accomplish?  Even if Republicans gain control of the Senate, they certainly will not have a filibuster-proof majority, and the President still wields the veto pen.

If Republicans can force a course change in the government, the economy, etc., will it be for the better?  If it is, will it be evident before the 2012 Elections are upon us?  Maybe.

Further complicating matters is the fact that the next few years will throw some wild cards at us:  Afghanistan, Iran, gas prices, and…okay, to be honest I wanted to throw in something funny here but nothing came to mind.  (Let’s see: Afghanistan, Iran, gas prices and the new Captain America movie?  No, that doesn’t work.  Never mind.)

The next few weeks should be rather entertaining as far as politics goes.  Whichever way the wind blows, there will be some in the media praising the public’s common sense, and the other side will be fuming over voter ignorance.

When the dust settles, I’m confident things will get better soon.  But I am still praying.