Fixing the Government

It is not rare to hear people say things like “I wish we had better candidates to choose from,” “Congress isn’t serious about fixing the problems in this country,” and so on.

I do not offer you another complaint today, I offer you solutions.

(Dramatic pause)

1. Term limits for Congress. Hey, if it’s good enough for the President, then why not? How about 8 years in the House of Reps (4 terms of 2 years) and 12 years in the Senate (2 terms of 6 years each)? If there were limits to how long they would serve, maybe they would care less about doing whatever it took to secure their next election.

2. No specialized retirement or health care for Congress. Let ’em make do with what the rest of us have.

3. More qualifications for those who want to run for national office. Why not say they have to spend 2 years in the military, 2 years working in private industry (paid or as some kind of intern), and 2 years as a government worker (again, in a paid position or as an intern)? If people want to make decisions involving our military, private enterprise, and the role of the government, shouldn’t they have a view from inside the trenches?

I don’t know, I could be wrong, but I think I’ve struck gold here.

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