Egypt, College Kids, and the Green Hornet

I don’t envy President Barack Obama as he tries to figure out what to do, if anything, about Egypt.  The Egyptian people want freedom, opportunity, and an end to corruption.  All of that is easy to root for.  But what are we supposed to do about it?  If we do nothing, and the movement fails, some might say we’re weak.  If we do anything , though, critics might complain that this was a US-orchestrated ploy all along.  And what if there is regime change, and the new leaders are hostile to the US?  That would stink.  Yep, our President is in a pickle.  Of course, if he didn’t want the hard decisions, he shouldn’t have run.

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about church kids who go off to college and lose their way.  This can happen because of all the new-found freedoms in college, troubles with the opposite sex, and really smart people on college campuses who argue against Christian beliefs.  Those of us in the church need to do a better job of equipping our young people to deal with these things.

A correction:  A while back I wrote here my assumptions for the movie “The Green Hornet.”  I thought it was going to be a story about a talented man with no direction in his life who becomes dedicated to a cause bigger than himself and does something significant with his special gifts.  I was wrong.  As re-imagined by Seth Rogen, “The Green Hornet” is the story of a rich, self-absorbed guy who is kind of an idiot.  He dedicates himself to something significant, but he is still self-absorbed and kind of an idiot.  Given all of the property damage, and the fact that he owns a newspaper, I’m not sure if he’ll still be rich when and if the sequel comes out.