Three Political Shorts

The longer the situation in Egypt unfolds, the more time I spend thinking about it.  I remember being disappointed that the US didn’t do more to help the protesters in Iran a few years ago.  The government finally clamped down on pro democracy forces there.  So now we have the chance to learn from our mistake and help Egypt transform itself into a democracy.  Yet I’m not sure what we’re supposed to do.  I am concerned that any help we give would simply stir up all the anti-American sentiment that never seems far from the surface in the Middle East.

Representative Chris Lee, a New York Republican, announced his resignation from Congress.  Lee, who is married, was flirting with a woman online.  When I say “flirting,” I mean he sent multiple messages, including one with a shirtless picture of himself, according to The Washington Post.  I wish politicians would stop acting this way.  I wish non-politicians would stop acting this way.  I wish every woman who had an affair with a married man would realize that if he will cheat on his wife, he will cheat on his mistress, too.  And if he divorces his wife and marries you, so what?  You know what his marriage vows meant to him the first time.  I wish these “other women” would realize they deserve better.

I have another new book that will be out soon called Hey, it’s Presidential Trivia! My goal with the project was to provide some interesting trivia with a small dose of quirkiness.