Books as Gifts

Barack Obama is President #44 even though he is only the 43rd man to hold the office.  This is because Grover Cleveland served terms that weren’t consecutive (he was #22 and #24 on our list of Presidents).  Anyway, here’s how the 43 men are divided by political party:  We’ve had 19 Republican Presidents, 14 Democrats, 4 Democratic-Republicans (this party became the Democratic Party of today), 4 Whigs, 1 Federalist, and one man with no party affiliation (George Washington).  Do you find such trivia mildly interesting?  If not, good, because that is NOT the kind of stuff that makes up most of my book Hey, It’s Presidential Trivia! With a one-page exception, my trivia book is all about the individuals who were President, like who the first lefty President was (I’m referring to handedness here, not political leanings) and whatnot.

Do you know who George Whitefield was?  He was a preacher who was instrumental in the First Great Awakening in the United States over 250 years ago.  If that doesn’t really grab you, don’t worry, Whitefield is not in my book Influential Christians.  This book is about 16 individuals from a variety of fields–well-known preachers, authors, and musicians are included.  I talk about their backgrounds, obstacles they’ve overcome, and their impact.

Finally, do you know a recent college graduate or senior preparing for life after school?  Ask the Professor: Advice for College Grads offers humorous yet practical advice for this big transition.

If you want any of these books for yourself or as Christmas gifts, you can order them through Amazon or contact me through this Website.

Have a nice day, and feel free to cheer on the St. Louis Cardinals.