A Fan of Not a Fan, and a Little Weirdness

Ironically, I’m a fan of Kyle Idleman, the author of Not a Fan. The premise of the book is that there is a difference between being a fan of Jesus and a follower of Jesus. If you aren’t familiar with the book, you’re probably thinking either 1. I don’t care about this, or 2. Okay, be a follower, not a fan–now that I know this, there’s no reason to read the book.

My response to such thinking is 1. I wish you did, or 2. There’s a lot of substance here–a lot of great food for thought.

Example? On pages 62-63, Idleman asks the reader what disappoints/frustrates you the most? What gets you the most excited? If my answers to these questions have little to do with God then can I really say that I care about God more than anything else?

Convicting stuff. And there is plenty more where that came from. What a great book!

On a totally unrelated front–at a local mall, there’s a men’s room located just off the Food Court. I walked into this men’s room recently, and I noticed a plastic fork sitting on top of a urinal.

Who takes a plastic fork into a men’s room? I decided it was better to not know. Sometimes a little mystery is a good thing.

I have no greater truth here, I just needed to tell the story.

So, back to the more important topic, what do you think of Not a Fan, dear reader?


1 thought on “A Fan of Not a Fan, and a Little Weirdness”

  1. I agree with you that Not a Fan is a very convicting read. It makes you evaluate whether you are walking the walk or if you are just talking a good game in your relationship to Jesus. It is definitely worth your while to read!

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