My One Resolution for 2013

This is, I believe, my shortest entry to date.

I’ve got several goals for the year professionally, but when it comes to resolutions for 2013, I’ve got one, as in uno.

I want to pray more in 2013.

Lots of people pray. Lots of people talk about praying. I’m convinced that many of us find that it’s easier to talk about prayer, or to listen to other people talk about praying, than it is to actually pray. I think many of us also find it tough to stay focused while someone else is praying out loud, but maybe that’s just a personal problem. Maybe not.

Anyway, I want to pray more in 2013.

I know, that sounds nice. It seems like an appropriate resolution for a Sunday School teacher. It even sounds pretty spiritual. But I’m not making this resolution because I’m pretty spiritual; I’m making this resolution because I know I’m not.

But I would like to be further along a year from now than I am today.

I want to pray more in 2013.

I wonder what would happen, oh reader, if you prayed more, too.