Two Unrelated Things

I couldn’t really come up with one strong idea to write about this time, so I’m going with two, half-formulated thoughts on politics and the movie “Avatar.”

One, this huge oil spill will help President Obama with his base supporters.  I was pretty surprised when he expressed some openness to drilling for oil.  He hadn’t seemed too keen on it in the past.  I figured that conservatives would be suspicious of him, and liberals would be mad.  Then the big oil spill started in the Gulf.  Now, the President says we should put plans for new drilling on hold.  Conservatives will shrug because they didn’t expect anything anyway, and liberals will be happy.

Two, I didn’t like the movie “Avatar” last summer because the message of it turned me off.  The basic ideas of the movie were that humanity–specifically, the military-industrial complex–is evil, and we should worship the Earth.  (It’s not a coincidence that the DVD was released on Earth Day.) Now, there are two new reasons for me to be unhappy.  A longer version of the movie will be released this summer, and because of its whopping success last year, look for more 3-D movies coming soon.  I wouldn’t care how many D’s a movie had, if it weren’t for the fact that they jack the prices up.  Thanks, “Avatar.”