Contest Winners and Atheists

TDH Communications had its first Young Christian Writers Contest, and I am very pleased to announce the winners!

First Place:  Nicole Glenn of Berean Christian School wrote an untitled piece.

Second Place: Nathan Joel Diambra, Kendall McCoy Maples, and Brian Richard Poore, all three also from Berean Christian School, collaborated on  “The Legend of the Enchanted Coffee Bean: An African Fable.”

Third Place:  Emily Randles of Grace Christian Academy wrote “The Cat Next Door.”

Congratulations to all of the winners, and thank you to all the participants.  Every submission had quality in it.

In other news…I was reading an article online in the Washington Post and it made reference to a small child who had recovered from cancer.  Someone thanked God for that, and a few atheists were upset.  A common complaint from them boiled down to the idea that since other kids get cancer and don’t recover, it is a proof that God doesn’t exist.

This is an interesting argument when taken to an extreme.  What if every little kid with cancer recovered?  Would that prove that God exists?  But wait, what about natural disasters?  How about little kids who are hurt when their parents get divorced?  Is it fair to say that God must not exist if any seemingly innocent person suffers from any tragedy?  It would be fair…if our conception of God was that He was a Cosmic Bellhop who was required to immediately and happily meet our every perceived need and desire.  Outside of a few Prosperity Gospel preachers I don’t know of anyone who is arguing that this is who God is.

Sometimes horrible things happen and we are left to wonder why.  But for me tragedy does not disprove God any more than good fortune convinces an atheist that God must be out there.  Perhaps we need to search deeper for the Truth.