Two Categories; Four Things

Why would anyone want to be President?  Some experts think we might be headed towards another recession (like we ever really got out of the last one) because of events in Europe.  Congress is gridlocked over what to do about it.  Republicans say keep taxes low and cut spending, so consumers have more money to spend and the rich have money to invest in the economy.  Democrats say raise taxes on the rich to fund government works programs.  Which side is right?  It almost doesn’t matter since they only have enough strength in Congress to stop each other.

Why would anyone want to be President (part 2)?  The United Nations is considering the idea of simply declaring that the Palestinians have their own country (which would mean the Israelis would find their holdings significantly smaller.  Israel has said it won’t stand for this (what country would?).  President Obama has urged the UN to continue negotiations with Israel, but there are a lot of oil-producing Arab nations that don’t like Israel.  And there are a lot of people in the Middle East who have never even acknowledged Israel’s right to exist.  The President has been reaching out to the Arabs for years.  It sure would be nice if they would reach back.

Ya gotta love influential Christians.  I heard a rumor that they are working on a movie version of Same Kind of Different as Me.  The word on the street (and by “street” I mean my classroom where one of my students told me this) is that Samuel Jackson could be one of the stars.  That would be cool.  What a great book.

Ya gotta love influential Christians (part 2).  I am very excited about reading a new book from Lori Hearn called An Unfamiliar Path.  It’s the story of how the Hearn family copes when husband Mike is diagnosed with stage IV brain cancer.  Having heard bits and pieces of their testimony, and having read some of Lori’s other work, I am sure this story will be inspiring.  Expect to read more about this here within the next few months.