Rick Warren

2010: The Year in Review

Presidential Politics:  It has been an up and down year for President Obama.  Here are a few snapshots–Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell was repealed, and major health care reform was created, both of which were pleasing to his liberal base.  On the other hand, in his words Democrats received a “shellacking” in the November Elections when […]

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Obama’s Religion

Stories are being written these days about the new poll which indicates that 20% of Americans think President Barack Obama is a Muslim.  Two things interest me about this issue. One, people are making a big deal about the increasing number of people who believe this, but if memory serves me, 18% of the public

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A Burris in Obama’s Saddle?

So just a short time ago, President #44 Barack Obama wanted nothing to do with embattled Governor Rod Blagojevich’s choice to take Obama’s Senate seat. Obama and the Democrat-controlled Senate want Blagojevich out, and so they certainly don’t want him to continue exercising his powers (especially since that is what has gotten him in such

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Rick Warren and Barack Obama

I read an interesting article online in the Washington Post. The writer was mad that President-elect Obama had invited his friend, megachurch pastor Rick Warren, to offer the invocation at the inauguration. The problem? Warren, a pastor who has mixed cutting edge church growth techniques with traditional Christian theology, is opposed to gay marriage. Interestingly,

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