North Korea

North Korea vs. Israel

I read an interesting article online today.  The writer expressed his frustration that the international community has made a much bigger deal out of an Israeli action that killed 9, rather than a North Korean action that killed over 40. Let’s look at some of the facts:  Israel was inspecting goods that were going into

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Barack Obama and History

Every President ends up being measured against history.  Whether the measurement winds up looking positive or negative is based on a combination of what the President does, what fate hands him, and the political outlook of the person doing the measuring.  Liberals said that if Bill Clinton had gotten national health care reform passed, he

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The President and Nuclear Weapons

Barack Obama personally addressed the United Nations Security Council recently, becoming the first President of the United States to preside over a Security Council meeting.  That gesture in and of itself is a pretty big one, and it underscores a difference between liberals and conservatives.  Many liberals still see the United Nations as an important

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