North Korea vs. Israel

I read an interesting article online today.  The writer expressed his frustration that the international community has made a much bigger deal out of an Israeli action that killed 9, rather than a North Korean action that killed over 40.

Let’s look at some of the facts:  Israel was inspecting goods that were going into an area that has frequently launched deadly rocket attacks against them.  While inspecting a ship, Israeli forces were attacked and defended themselves.  On the Korean peninsula, North Korea is frequently belligerent towards South Korea.  After the latest unprovoked attack ended with multiple South Korean casualties, North Korea issued a series of defiant and provocative statements.

So what does the international community do?  For the most part it shrugs at North Korea while demanding that Israel change policies to a degree that will leave them vulnerable to even more attacks from people who hate them.

This type of attitude on the part of the world community presents a problem for President Barack Obama.  His often-stated preference is to work with the international community and build a consensus for group action in resolving international problems.

What is he going to do, though, when the international community is wrong?