John Edwards

The Herman Cain Situation

There are several things that have occurred to me as I have read about the allegations of sexual harassment leveled against Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain.  Some of my thoughts have been sympathetic and some…not so much. It would be tough for anyone to have to respond to the media about anything regarding unspecified accusations from […]

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Adultery and Our Politicians

It’s interesting how the media covers all of these adultery scandals involving our politicians.  When a situation arises, like when Republican governor Mark Sanford admits to adultery, the political gamesmanship goes into high gear.  Conservatives in the media downplay it, or they complain that liberals are drawing too much attention to it in comparison to,

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Problems and Opportunities

            I read an article recently where the writer suggested John Edwards timed his confession of adultery to coincide with the start of the Olympics because media attention would be diverted. If so, it was a smart move because the fewer details the public reads about it the better for the former senator.  Adultery is

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