Health Care

Three Thoughts

Here are three things I’ve been thinking about. One, it’s bad news for President Obama that a circuit court has ruled that part of his health care plan is unconstitutional.  The provision that adults must purchase their own health insurance (if they aren’t working at a job that provides it) was the item in question.  […]

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Anti-Incumbency–Good for America?

The political experts have been saying for quite some time that there is an anti-incumbent spirit roiling across the fruited plains.  And this reality has been borne out in the primaries so far, just ask the defeated Democrat, I mean Republican, I mean Democrat Arlen Specter, the party-switching Senator from Pennsylvania. Is the country poorer

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Health Care Aftermath

So what are the results of the health care fight?  As far as its impact on the nation’s medical and fiscal health, time will tell.  Politically speaking… President Obama can claim credit for making good on a big campaign promise. Democrats have energized their liberal base. Republicans have energized their conservative base. Republican lawsuits through

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Cue the Broken Record–“Clinton, I mean Bush, I mean Obama lied.” Really?

It has become a familiar tune recently with just a little bit of the lyrics changed.  Critics chant, “Clinton, Bush, Obama lied” and hope the masses believe it.  With Bill Clinton, it was accusations about multiple sexual partners/victims.  Defenders came up with a variety of arguments–the President’s personal business doesn’t affect his job performance, it’s

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