government shutdown

Things I Learned Recently

I think the Republicans won the budget showdown.  Here’s what I base that on:  Saturday morning, April 9, I turned on the TV to see what happened, and FOX News was all over the story.  I went to the other cable news channels and none of them were talking about it except for the one

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Negotiations all Around: Updated

Note to Readers: The updated sections are in bold. As I write this, April 7 in the AM, there has not been budget deal made by Congress and President Obama.  The federal government will shut down on April 9 if a deal isn’t reached.  I’d been reading that they’ve put this off until now by passing temporary

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Interesting Stuff about the Budget

If the House, Senate, and President can’t all agree on a budget by early March, we’ve been told, we’ll face another government shutdown like we had a few times in the 1990s with a Republican Congress and Bill Clinton in the White House.  Back then, Clinton effectively painted the Republicans as unreasonable, and their popularity

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