Would Jesus be a Liberal or a Conservative?

Would Jesus be a liberal or a conservative?

Would it be arrogant of me to presume I know? Maybe I’ll just ask the questions.

Would Jesus have the compassion of a liberal or expect the accountability of a conservative? Would He be characterized by both qualities?

Would Jesus demand His First Amendment right to engage in speech that offends the conservative, or would He demand His Second Amendment right to own a gun that offends the liberal? Would He demand any rights at all?

Would He talk about the strengths of Obamacare or its flaws? Would He talk about any government programs, or would He instead spend His time sharing higher truths?

Would Jesus be upset at the Republicans for partially shutting down the government in an effort to undermine Obamacare, or would He be upset with the Democrats for not negotiating over their differences?

What would Jesus be doing if He was physically walking among us today? Would He visit my church? (I hope so.) Would He come back? (I hope so.) Would He waste as much time as I do? (Regrettably, this is the one question I know the answer to, and I don’t like it.)

Paraphrasing a thought expressed by Abe Lincoln, are we wondering if God is on our side, or are we trying to be on His side?