Global Warming

The Christmas War and a PS

I read an interesting article online from someone who was arguing in favor of the de-emphasizing of Christmas in exchange for more generic holiday themes.  The writer argued two things.  One, in our increasingly pluralistic culture, it is insensitive to talk about “Merry Christmases” and whatnot.  Two, the vocal efforts by a few Christians to […]

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Walking the Walk on Global Warming

There has been a major global summit taking place in Copenhagen to talk about Global Warming (or Climate Change, as it is sometimes called).  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has called for the developed nations to give $100 billion to underdeveloped nations over the next 10 years, so they can implement changes to cut down

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Limits on Liberalism? Maybe so.

It would have been understandable for conservatives to be depressed in November of 2008.  Democrats increased their control of the Senate and took over two important houses in Washington DC–the White one, and the one with the Representatives.  The Republican candidate for President, John McCain, had nice credentials, but some conservatives doubted his convictions.  Their

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