Sequestration and Pointy Fingers

There are things I don’t understand about this whole sequestration thing, like where the word “sequestration” comes from. Terms like “fiscal cliff” and “debt limit,” are pretty self-explanatory but “sequestration?” Huh?

Really, though, I’m more concerned with the particulars than with the lingo. “Drastic budget cuts” have descended upon us, says the media. But that is only if your definition of “drastic budget cuts” means cuts in projected spending but still bigger budgets than in 2012. I wish I could wrestle with that kind of problem when it comes to my finances.

Anyway, Republicans are trying to blame President Obama because the White House first came up with the sequestration idea. Democrats are blaming Republicans for refusing to mix tax hikes with possible spending cuts. Republicans are arguing that they already gave in on tax hikes when the Bush tax cuts & the Social Security tax reduction both expired.

So it looks like Congress, which has failed to do its job by not passing an annual budget in years, is going to have trouble fixing what ails the country.

If only there was Someone we could turn to as a nation to show us a brighter future. Oh, wait a minute, there is.