Obama vs. Romnney

With the election less than 4 months away, I thought it might be a decent time for an update on the candidates.

I’ve read in The Washington Post about some interesting things the candidates have in common. Both men gave 14% of their income to charities, according to the most recent tax returns they provided. In case you’re wondering, that makes them more generous than at least 92% of the American people. It makes them way more generous than a former presidential contender who allegedly gave $300 in cash and old clothes, including old underwear, to charity one year. I read that little factoid years ago, but I have never confirmed it. And I don’t want to–it’s depressing.

Anyway, back to what I learned from The Post. I saw an article that said African Americans and Latter Day Saints both continue to face prejudice in this country, so our two candidates have something in common. Of course, this didn’t stop either man from becoming a millionaire. Romney earned millions as a businessman; Obama for writing an autobiography. What makes Obama’s accomplishment particularly interesting is that he wrote his book before he was even elected to the Illinois state senate. An autobiography makes sense when you’re a politician, but how’s that for some foresight, huh?

In other news, Democrats have been demanding that Romney release his tax records. Romney has released two years’ worth, which, he points out, is all that John McCain made public in 2008. Democrats and some Republicans are demanding to know why Romney won’t release more. What’s he hiding? The Romney push back has been that it isn’t their job to provide Team Obama with campaign fodder to distort and mock. And, Team Romney asks, how much is enough? If Romney gives them 10 years of returns, will they then demand 25? Romney would rather focus on an economy that still features an unemployment rate of over 8%. Obama’s campaign is doing a good job of keeping the spotlight on Romney, but going negative is not usually enough to win a presidential election.

And the countdown continues…