How to Cure UGLY

I was looking out my window, and it struck me that plain or even ugly things can look beautiful if you dump enough snow on them. I mean, I’m not saying my neighborhood is ugly, it’s actually not, but today it wouldn’t matter–you can’t really see anything except a blanket of snow.

Is there an analogy there? I think so.

We can take the bad and ugly things in our lives and cover them up so no one will see them, and everything is just fine! No, wait a minute–that’s not the right lesson here.

The real lesson is that things can change. Even if something is bad and ugly, it doesn’t have to stay that way. There is hope for a better future. Change is possible.

It’s like with entropy–entropy is the word for the concept that things break down over time. The only way to counteract entropy is to put new energy into the system. My body breaks down over time, but I can delay that and even make myself stronger if I work out regularly. Your closet will get messy over time unless you put energy into cleaning it up.

Our lives can look kind of ugly through bad choices or apathy, but we don’t have to settle for that. I can make better choices. I can try harder. I can stop repeating the same bad choices I have been making. Better yet, I can draw on a new Power Source that can fix all that I have broken in myself. Let’s see, what was the name of that manual that tells me how that Power Source works? Oh yeah, it’s the Bible.

Have a nice day.