Facebook more Popular than the Bible?

I heard recently that according to a recent study (that went unnamed) reading Facebook is more popular than reading the Bible. Okay, it was sports radio where I heard this, but still, the host seemed pretty sure of his information.

Apparently, 19% of Americans and Canadians read Facebook regularly, and it is a smaller percentage nowadays that claim the same about their Bible reading.

Depressing? Well, to me it is. Depending on whose data you look at, about 35-40% of Americans go to church regularly, but it would seem that a whole lot of church goers aren’t bothering to read their Bibles in between Sundays. We should be more committed than that.

Does FB offer more than the Bible?

Facebook can be entertaining, but so can the Bible. David and Goliath is a good story. Jesus telling the Pharisees to “render unto Caesar” is quite clever. Paul suggesting that the pro circumcision crowd should go all the way and castrate themselves? Kind of crude, but kind of funny, too.

Facebook can help our relationships by reconnecting us with old friends and by helping us keep up with each others happenings. The Bible can help our relationships by encouraging us to forgive people, love them when it is tough, not hold onto our anger, and more.

What else does FB help us do? It reminds of birthdays. It gives us the opportunity to play games like Farmville and Candy Crush (which I totally don’t want to do, but maybe you have received hours of delight from them). What else can the Bible do? It can give you the plan for eternal life. It can give you a plan to be part of an amazing community with meaningful work that changes life.

I like Facebook. A lot.

I love the Bible. Even more, I love the One who inspired it.

Have a nice week!