Election 2010

It won’t be long until the next big election, and several talking points have been trotted out by both sides.

Is President Barack Obama genuinely condescending to those who disagree with him, or is that just conservative rhetoric?

Is the Tea Party led by racists, or is that just liberal rhetoric?

Are the voters just a bunch of scared morons lashing out at any incumbant within striking distance, or is that just excuse-making by those who see the writing on the walls and don’t like what it spells?

Here’s a question from me:  Will bringing in some new members of Congress alter the trajectory of our country enough to make a significant difference, or is there something more we need to do?

What more can we do?

Maybe if we collectively acted in a less selfish manner, it might impact the nation in a positive way.

Maybe if we prayed more about our country, for our politicians, etc., it would help things out.

Maybe if we prayed more, we’d be less selfish.  I think that would help things out.