Current Events and Presidential Trivia

Lance Armstrong has been stripped of all of his bicycling titles because of allegations of doping. For years other bikers have been ratting him out, and for years the anti-doping authorities have had him take tests that never proved him guilty.

So did he, or didn’t he? I don’t know. There’s no scientific evidence, just allegations. And I have no emotional investment in this story.

I do know that George Washington, Teddy Roosevelt, and Gerald Ford were good athletes. Washington was the strongest young man in his county; Roosevelt boxed, learned judo, and spent a few years as a cowboy, and Ford was an All-American college football player.

Iran is continuing to work on its nuclear program, and the country continues to not be a friend of Israel.

Ask Jimmy Carter if a robust Iranian foreign policy can be bad news for a sitting President.

China has an increasingly influential role in world affairs.

Herbert Hoover and his wife used to speak Chinese in the White House when they wanted to keep their conversations just between the two of them.

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