Religion has played a big part in the story of America, but what role did it play in the lives of some of the most popular presidents?
Consider the complicated case of George Washington. If he was a Christian, why did he skip Communion for years? If he was not a Christian, how does one explain his high level of involvement in his church? Some call him a Deist, but if that was true, why did he pray so much?
What about Jefferson, Lincoln, Garfield, and Roosevelt? One of the men taught Sunday School for years in a denomination that was not his own. Another one made generous contributions to churches but nursed a years-long hostility toward ministers. One publicly debated a well-known skeptic of Christianity and trounced the man. Finally, one of these men was a skeptic himself who used to make fun of the Bible. But then he stopped.
They were all men of high intelligence. Each one was shaped by pain and driven forward by an ambition to do something significant with his life. They all pursued greatness, and achieved it, but how did God fit into their quests for significance? The answer awaits inside these pages.

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