What to do when life gets Tough–And when it’s going okay, Too

Was it “The Karate Kid III” (I think it was) where Mr. Miyagi and Daniel-san had a falling out? The Kid (played by an actor who was probably at least well into his 20s by the third movie) wanted to fight in a karate tournament for 18 -year-olds, but Mr. Miyagi doesn’t agree.

The Kid falls on hard times, his ex-girlfriends from the other movies have moved on (probably because they’re, like, 30 by the time filming for the 3rd movie starts? I don’t know). The new lady in his life doesn’t want to date him. Oh, and his new instructor is a psychopath who wants to maim him.

What can the Kid do? He goes back to Mr. Miyagi who has to train him now. Instruction number 1? “Breathe. Always remember to breathe.” This sounds deep…until you realize it isn’t. Daniel-san hadn’t really forgotten how to breathe, and if he had, well, he’d still breathe anyway because he is a living organism.

Anyway, that’s how I remember the movie. But it was good. You should watch it.

My point? Sometimes life is tough, whether you’re 28 and trying to pretend you’re 18, or if you’re a regular person. I’ve got some advice that is better for you than remembering to breathe (because, again, you’ll do that anyway). When you’re overwhelmed by life’s circumstances–pray. Do it when you aren’t overwhelmed, too. Pray all the time. But, really, don’t forget to do it when life gets tough.