Three Books

A month ago, I wrote that I had a new book that would soon be available. Now it is.

Four offers readers 4 stories by 4 previously-published authors. Ann Lovell told a story that wrestles with the evils of human trafficking. It centers on a teenager from Thailand. It’s an eye-opening story, which makes it kind of important.

Ashley Williams did a missing person drama set out west, but not in the Old West–though that would have been cool. Oh well, maybe we’ll have one in a sequel,¬†Return of Four. But I digress. Ashley is a really fine writer, and I am glad she is on the team.

D.A Adams is the author of the successful The Brotherhood of Dwarves series. In our book, Adams has a short story featuring the father of his main character in The Brotherhood of Dwarves, so it was a good opportunity for the writer to expand his characters’ universe a little bit. If you like dwarves and whatnot, this story is for you. It has action…and singing. D.A. Adams also contributed to the process by persuading me to sell the Kindle¬† for less than I otherwise would have, making him the readers’ MVP.

In my story, I borrow a couple of characters from my novel, Double Crossed, but it’s okay because I gave them back when I was done (hmm, I don’t think that was funny, but I’m leaving it in here). Anyway, my characters are involved in a murder mystery at a company called Protomet in Oak Ridge, TN. My story features some real live people, Jeff Bohanan and Sarah Beth Maddox, so it’s kind of like a short story version of “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” only without the rabbit…or the framing.

In other news, I wanted to remind people of some gift ideas if you know some graduates. I co-authored Ask the Professor: What Freshmen Need to Know, 2.0 with Jason Edwards. We offer humorous yet practical advice for people entering their first year in college. A plus for this book is that Jason is smarter than me. I also wrote Ask the Professor: Advice for College Grads. I flew solo on that one, but the format is the same–humorous yet practical advice.

Happy reading!