President Obama

What to do about Syria

What should President Obama do with Syria? Well, there’s a conundrum. When George W. Bush ordered the Iraq invasion in 2003, he rationalized it several different ways. Saddam Hussein was hiding Weapons of Mass Destruction; he had defied numerous United Nations resolutions regarding these WMDs; he was an evil dictator who had poison gassed his […]

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The President’s 5%

President Obama has decided to give back $20,000 worth of his salary to the Treasury Department to show solidarity with government employees who will soon feel the sting of the sequestration. Curiously, Richard Cohen, who usually falls on the liberal side of things, was critical of the President in a Washington Post article entitled “Obama’s

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The Aftermath

Well, the Apocalypse was avoided–Congress made its deal on the debt ceiling, the United States government did not go into default, social security checks got mailed out on time, and life as we know it did not come crashing to a halt. And now for the retrospective… I’m not surprised that a deal was made. 

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Things I Learned Recently

I think the Republicans won the budget showdown.  Here’s what I base that on:  Saturday morning, April 9, I turned on the TV to see what happened, and FOX News was all over the story.  I went to the other cable news channels and none of them were talking about it except for the one

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