Hillary Clinton

Walking the Walk on Global Warming

There has been a major global summit taking place in Copenhagen to talk about Global Warming (or Climate Change, as it is sometimes called).  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has called for the developed nations to give $100 billion to underdeveloped nations over the next 10 years, so they can implement changes to cut down

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A Foreign Policy Revelation

One thing I sometimes tell my history students is that generally when a country/kingdom has a conflict with another power, the citizens rally around their leader (at least over the short term).  That’s why sometimes in history leaders have started trouble.  If they are feeling the heat from their people, a little war here or

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Grading Obama’s Early Test

President Barack Obama has faced an early challenge in his administration, and he handled it faster than George W. Bush and better than Bill Clinton. All three men came into office committed to doing something big. Clinton was going to “fix” healthcare. He put Hillary in charge and it didn’t work out. Bush wanted to

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