Health Care Reform

Afghanistan–What a Mess

Afghanistan–What a headache for President Barack Obama.  Generally, Americans in recent generations have trusted Republican Presidents more when it comes to military toughness while they trust Democrats with domestic assistance.  I’m not making value judgments here; I’m just sharing what I’ve read and heard, and such generalizations are always subject to change (cases in point:

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Limits on Liberalism? Maybe so.

It would have been understandable for conservatives to be depressed in November of 2008.  Democrats increased their control of the Senate and took over two important houses in Washington DC–the White one, and the one with the Representatives.  The Republican candidate for President, John McCain, had nice credentials, but some conservatives doubted his convictions.  Their

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Character in the World of Politics?

A couple of incidents came up this week that didn’t cast politics or our politicians in a favorable light. President Barack Obama was addressing Congress recently and stated that his health care plan did not include coverage for illegal aliens.  In response, Republican Representative Joe Wilson of South Carolina yelled out, “You lie!”  Earlier–over Labor

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